Artists for Conservation (AFC) is the world's leading group of artists supporting the environment. Founded in 1997, the non-profit organization comprises a membership of 500 of the world's most gifted nature artists from 27 countries, across five continents. Dedicated to nurture, promote and leverage its world-class community of artists in support of our natural world, AFC drives its mission through three key programs: Art & Environmental Education; Field Work & Research; and Artist Development. The Artists for Conservation Festival is AFC's annual flagship initiative to showcase, support and further these programs. 

James is a signature member of AFC and has been featured in several shows over the last four years as a member. To see Jame’s page

AFC Exhibits (each exhibit includes your artworks to be showcased in a beautiful book) 


  • 2016 “Eastern Box Turtle” 
  • 2017 “Little Brown Bat” and “Portrait of a Bighorn Sheep” (Chosen for live exhibit in Vancouver, BC Canada)   *2017 Award of excellence (show medal) 
  • 2018 AFC Exhibit  “Brown Pelican in Flight”  (Chosen for live exhibit in Vancouver, BC Canada)  
  • 2018 "Wattled Curassow” Silent Skies Murual


Silent Skies Mural

The "Silent Skies" is an international collaborative super-mural mosaic featuring all 678 endangered species of birds of the world. The 100-ft installation will form the artistic centrepiece of the 27th International Ornithological Congress in August 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, after which, the mural will tour internationally.